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  1. Regular High School Rules will be used unless otherwise noted.

  2. Players must compete in their own grade classifications, with the exception that lower grade participants may play up.  PLAYERS CAN PLAY ON ONE TEAM WITHIN THE SAME DIVISION.

  3. All Teams must have uniform shirts with visible numbers.

  4. FREE THROWS will be shot. (Bonus on the 7th team foul and 2 shots after 10 team fouls each half)

  5. 3-point shot will be used on courts that are properly marked.

  6. Substituted on dead balls only.

  7. First OVERTIME will be 2 minutes with the clock stopping, 2nd overtime will be sudden death (first team to score wins), one time out per team in overtime.

  8. Half time is 3 minutes when games are on schedule otherwise in the discretion of officials.

  9. No player may be added to a roster after the team has played one tournament game.

  10. Players are allowed 5 fouls.

  11. Teams are allowed 2 time-outs per game.  Time outs do NOT carry over to Overtime.

  12. Each team must supply their own warm-up balls and scorekeepers.

  13. No locker rooms available.

  14. Alternate possessions on jump balls after the initial jump.

  15. You may start a game with 4 players.

  16. Game length is 2 -18-minute halves, with clock stopping for time-outs, and the last 2 minutes of the game if the score is within 15 points.

  17. NO PRESSING in 4th and 5th grade until the last 2 minutes and the team is not up by 10 or more points, NO pressing by any division if up by 10 or more points.

  18. All defenses are allowed with the exception of 4th & 5th grade (no zones, traps, press from half or full court).

  19. Technical fouls will be 2 points and possession for the other team.

  20. Coaches are responsible for players and parents of their own team.

  21. Referees may remove a player, coach, or spectator from any game or the entire tournament for unsportsmanlike conduct.

  22. All teams MUST provide a Team Scorekeeper and Clock keeper and will be administered by the Gym supervisor for all rules and game clocks assistance. 

  23. All officials know the rules and will ask coaches before each game if they have questions.  

  24. Pool play winners are determined by:

  1. Head to Head play

  2. Total points allowed

  3. Coin toss

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